The official lyrics for the two songs, ‘Xopunr Baat’ and ‘Herua Xubaax’ have been added in the lyrics page of the website Awrr Official.
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You got awrrified?

Author: Tonmoy Gogoi, Lyricist & Rhythm Guitarist, Awrr

When people talk about a band, they are often interested in the origin story of it, meaning how all of it started. And probably that’s why that is what we also get asked a lot (along with the inevitable ‘What is the meaning of Awrr?’). To be honest, the origin story of our band is fairly simple as well as unexpected. The fact that we all are from the same place, a small place called Dhakuakhana(see map here) in the Lakhimpur district of Assam and knew each other from our childhood helped in the formation of the band. It was during the summer holidays of 2015. At that time I have just finished my B.Sc. from Cotton College, Prankrishna was doing his B.Sc. from North Lakhimpur College and Avijeet has just finished his Class 12th from Salt Brook. One afternoon I was in Prankrishna’s home, we just decided to jam with our guitars and we called Avijeet whose home is just 10 mins away. When the three of us sat down with our guitars and started playing popular songs, mostly Assamese, we suddenly thought why don’t we try to create a song of our own. We started to look for different ideas and themes on which we can base our song. But we didn’t give up and finally came up with the first two lines of what later became “Xopunor Baat”. We also had some ideas of how it will go further and at that point, we ourselves were pretty fascinated by the whole idea of actually completing the song that we started. So the next day, we met again and Prankrishna invited Kaushik as well because he also played guitar and all three of us knew him. We progressed a little bit with the tune and lyrics over a few days after that but we had to halt the project because the vacation was coming to an end and all of us went to our respective institutes. Bear in mind, till this point there was no discussion of actually forming an official band. It was just a fun project and that was all.

PC: Manas

It was the December of that year that all of us met again and we got back to finishing what we started. It was at this point that we first thought of ourselves as a band. While we were halfway to finishing the song, Continue reading “You got awrrified?”


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854 listeners in Reverbnation and 1157 downloads in SongsNE and many more via WhatsApp and other media as of last night. Thank You so very much for this love and support. This is beyond our imaginations. Keep loving us and support us like never before. Stay tuned for the video that will come out soon. And until the video  is out, keep visiting our website.